Tartu Art School (TAS) provides classical fine art skills along with modern digital visualization competencies in four upper and post-secondary study programmes.


ÕppeliikÕppevormEeldus alustamiseksÕppeaeg
ÕppeliikUpper secondaryÕppevormFull-timeEeldus alustamiseksBasic education requiredÕppeaeg3.5 years
Õppeliik Post-secondary ÕppevormFull-timeEeldus alustamiseksSecondary education requiredÕppeaeg2.5 years
  • Has competence to design personal style according to the purpose of occasion

  • Masters digital and non-digital ways to visualize ideas, including fashion illustration

  • Is able to apply professional knowledge and skills on garments, shoes, accessories and makeup in the styling process

  • Has competence to handle different materials, masters basics of sewing, garment construction and sewing patterns

  • Has professional knowledge on the history of fashion and style

  • Has professional communication skills inside the team and with customers

Labour market prospects: event design, film industry, theatre, fashion industry, media industry etc.

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